Car Battery Prices

Car battery prices can vary significantly based on the type of battery you need and the brand name that you choose. Brand name batteries may have a longer warranty than less costly options, which can in turn save you money on a new battery in the future. Motorcycle batteries and golf cart batteries are slightly different than traditional car batteries, so make sure you know what you need before shopping to ensure you have the right battery for the job.

Car Battery Prices

Car Battery Prices

When choosing a car battery, you will need to know whether you need a top post or side post terminal style. The posts are usually found on top of the battery in most vehicles, but you can easily check which style you need by examining the battery cables in your car, motorcycle or golf cart. Side post mounts, which screw into the battery rather than simply slipping over the post, can be identified by looking for threads inside the battery cables. Top mount batteries will have a small clamp that is tightened over the battery post using a screwdriver.

You will need to choose the type that fits your car or motorcycle properly. The cost is about the same, when looking at the same brand, for both side and top post battery styles. Motorcycle batteries, however, can come in a wide range of prices. Inexpensive brands will cost about fifty dollars, while top of the line options can cost $150 and up. In general, motorcycles require twelve volts of power to run properly, and are limited to one basic style. Before investing in a top of the line model for your motorcycle, you will definitely want to make sure the brand and type of battery you are buying will fit properly, however.

If you want to reduce car battery prices, there are a few options available. Most auto and discount stores will give you a specific amount off your purchase if you return your old battery for recycling. Buying online is also a good option, especially if you are looking for a high quality battery at the lowest price possible. Many online stores provide customers with a discount, and ship the product directly to your home.

You may also want to choose a less expensive brand to save on car battery prices. There are many mid-priced brand names that work just as well as costlier brands, and that also offer the same warranty as their more expensive counterparts.

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