Golf Cart Batteries

Golf cart batteries power much more than just golf carts. They power RV’s, travel trailers, children’s toy vehicles, boats, store solar power, and in some cases replace motorcycle batteries.

Golf Cart Batteries

Golf Cart Batteries

What to look for when choosing golf cart batteries

• Voltage. Most batteries are 6- volt, but some are 8- volt or 12- volt. Be sure to get the right battery for your needs.
• Amperage. Two 6- volt batteries may be linked together to double the amperage or the voltage. In the case of amperage, this could save money, space and weight, as 12-volt batteries tend to be far more expensive and heavy.
Golf cart batteries are deep cycle batteries, which means they more power over a longer period of time instead of all at once like a car battery.
• A car battery charger that has a setting for 6- volt batteries may be used to charge the golf cart battery. Be sure to read your current charger’s manual, or check the charger you want to purchase.

Types of golf cart batteries

Different types of batteries are available: Lead-acid, nickel-metal hydride, lithium-ion and aggregated glass mat (AGM). Each of these batteries has advantages and disadvantages over the others. The lithium-ion batteries are available in commercial applications, such as forklifts, but are not available on the general market.

Each battery needs specific maintenance. Read and follow the instructions for the particular battery.

Battery Prices

The prices for golf cart batteries vary with the manufacturer, the size of the battery, the volts, amperage and type. Since lead acid is the most common battery, it tends to be the least expensive, and the type needing the most maintenance. It is also the easiest to replace, as many battery and most automotive centers carry them. Because of the difference in use, car battery prices cannot be compared to deep cycle batteries.

Manufacturers and Models

Powerstride, Apex, US and Lifeline are common manufacturers of these wonderful batteries. Different models may have top- mounted terminals, side mounted terminals, round or slotted terminals.

Multiple batteries may be used together to provide power to RV’s or houses. Two banks of batteries, each wired in parallel, may be linked in series to provide the maximum number of ampere- hours with the maximum voltage.

It is not advisable to try to boost the amount of power for a child’s toy. Injuries and fires have occurred, because the toy is not made to handle any more power than one battery can provide at a time.

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